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Elite Plumbing offer quality plumbing services to the residents of Melbourne. Now servicing residents in Thomastown, CampbellfieldLalorBundooraMill ParkReservoir & surrounding suburbs.

Worried about a leak or plumbing problem in your home? Call Elite Plumbing now on 9497 9707 for our fast, affordable, and friendly leak detection services.

Did you know that a 0.5mm leak could cause a loss of 19.8 litres of water per hour? That’s 475 litres a day! And a bigger leak of 7mm would lead to losing 56,592 litres a day. These tremendous figures are unnecessary and expensive. At Elite Plumbing, we offer precise and fast leak detection services that will save you money and water!


Why is leak detection important?

Leaks are not only costly, but they can be dangerous. Quickly fixing a leak is highly recommended to keep people safe and avoid significant damage. If you delay fixing a leak, the following damages could occur.

  • Structural damage. Leaking water can damage timber and the structure of your home or business. Water damage is expensive to fix and can be avoided with leak detection.
  • Ceiling stains. If water leaks onto your ceiling, this can cause watermarks and damp patches. If this occurs, removal or replacement may be required.
  • Floor stains and damage. If water leaks on your carpets or floors, it may cause serious damage. Replacing floors is time-consuming and expensive.
  • Electrical problems. Water + electricity = disaster! Avoid risking your safety and the condition of your property and avoid electrical problems caused by water leaks.


What causes water leaks?

Water leaks can occur in your home or business without any obvious or immediate signs. This is why expert leak detection is so important. Leaks can be caused by:

  • Excess pressure in pipes.
  • Deteriorating pipe joints.
  • Building faults.
  • Broken seals.
  • Tree root damage.
  • Temperature changes in pipes.


How does Elite Plumbing detect and fix leaks?

The qualified and experienced Elite Plumbing team use a range of advanced technology to quickly identify leaks. This includes thermal cameras, acoustic elements, ultrasonic detectors and other techniques.

The Elite Plumbing team use a variety of methods to fix leaks in your home. The fixing method largely depends on the type and size of the leak. Your plumber will work quickly to provide a long-term solution to your problem. All of our works are guaranteed!


Need a fast and accurate leak detection service? Call Elite Plumbing today.


Elite Plumbing offers leak detection services to local domestic and commercial customers. For friendly, reliable and fast service, call us on 9497 9707.

Elite Plumbing is accredited with the Plumbing and Industry Commission, Master Plumbers and Victorian Building Authority. We are a qualified and experienced team, established in 1989, who want to generate the best outcome for our valued clients.

We are based in Thomastown and send our plumbers to surrounding suburbs including Lalor, Bundoora, Mill Park, Reservoir, Watsonia, Epping and South Morang.

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