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Installation, Maintenance and Repairs of Hot Water Systems

Elite Plumbing offer quality plumbing services to the residents of Melbourne. Now servicing residents in Thomastown, Campbellfield, Lalor, Bundoora, Mill Park, Reservoir & surrounding suburbs.

Is your hot water system effective and efficient? Or are you struggling to choose the right hot water system for you? Call Elite Plumbing now on 9497 9707 for our fast, affordable, and friendly hot water system service.

21% of the energy used in Australian homes is used to heat water! More than half of this is in the bathroom, a third in the laundry and the rest in the kitchen. Hot water systems play an important role in our homes, which is why Elite Plumbing helps home and business owners to install, maintain and repair their systems for optimal functioning.


What types of hot water systems are available?

There are many hot water systems on the market. Hiring a professional to identify the best system for you can ensure you install the most effective, efficient and affordable product.

Hot water systems can include elements of electricity, gas, water, flame, pressure and steam. Some of the most common systems include:

  • Storage heaters.
  • Solar hot water.
  • Heat pumps.
  • Instantaneous water heaters.


What’s the best hot water system for my home?

Every home or business is unique. To find the best hot water system for your property, these factors must be considered:

  • The size of your property.
  • The number of people living there and the demand for hot water!
  • Your geographical location and the potential for solar heating at your dwelling.
  • The services (electrical, solar, gas) available to you.
  • Space limitations.
  • Output demands and peak times of usage.
  • Cost and efficiency of the system.

At Elite Plumbing, we can help to assess your home and identify the best hot water system for you.


What usually goes wrong with hot water systems?

Your hot water system plays an important part of in your home- nobody wants to repeatedly run out of hot water, pay excessive hot water bills or struggle with a faulty system that is expensive to fix.

There are some common problems with hot water systems. If any of the following are happening to your system, contact Elite Plumbing and we can help you to save money, and improve your hot water set-up:

  • Regularly running out of hot water.
  • Paying excessive amounts of money for hot water bills.
  • Your hot water comes out rusty or dirty.
  • Your hot water system is leaking, lacking pressure or failing.


Maintaining your hot water system

Hot water systems are complex and can be dangerous. It is important that you get a professional to maintain and install your system.

It is recommended that you get your hot water system serviced every 2-3 years. While they often have a 7-10-year lifespan, regular maintenance can help you to prolong the life of your heater and prevent damage or breakdowns.

At Elite Plumbing, all of our work is guaranteed and performed by fully licensed plumbers and gas fitters.


Need assistance with your hot water system? Call Elite Plumbing today.

Elite Plumbing offers hot water system services to local domestic and commercial customers. For friendly, reliable and fast service, call us on 9497 9707.

Elite Plumbing is accredited with the Plumbing and Industry Commission, Master Plumbers and Victorian Building Authority. We are a qualified and experienced team, established in 1989, who want to generate the best outcome for our valued clients.

We are based in Thomastown and send our plumbers to surrounding suburbs including Lalor, Bundoora, Mill Park, Reservoir, Watsonia, Epping and South Morang

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